^ See the story of Ellie and her mom Ashley, the first ever Tribute Tails Champion in the video above.

WHAT IS TRIBUTE TAILS:  To honor the brave dogs who fight cancer, Canine Cancer Alliance (CCA) established Tribute Tails, which allows pet parents to set up a fundraiser in memory or honor of their beloved pup. Your fundraiser can be held in conjunction with a sporting event, birthday, or other day that is meaningful to you or your pup’s life.

HOW DO I PARTICIPATE:  It’s simple – just click on the “Set Up Your Fundraiser” button (above right) and follow the prompts. You will be able to add photos or videos and tell the story of why you are setting up a Tribute Tails fundraiser. You can personalize your page as much as you like, as well as set your fundraising goal and fundraiser dates.

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE:  Anyone can participate in Tribute Tails! CCA established Tribute Tails after multiple supporters asked for a more personal way to support our mission while celebrating the life of their pup. You can participate in memory of a canine companion who is no longer with you or in honor of one who is currently fighting cancer or is in remission. You also can host a fundraiser for a family dog, a friend’s dog, or even a special person in your life. 

WHAT DOES THE FUNDRAISER SUPPORT:  Every contribution to any Tribute Tails fundraiser will go to fund breakthrough research and clinical studies to advance treatment options, and enhance the quality of life for dogs affected by cancer.

A Tribute Tails fundraiser is a wonderful way to honor your beloved canine companion and celebrate their unconditional love while helping create a future where no dog has to suffer from cancer. Thank you for supporting CCA, as well, as we honor the dogs who have touched our lives while giving hope to future generations of furry companions and their families.


Meet some of the pawesome pup lovers raising money 
for cancer research in memory of a beloved pet.

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